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Thank you for booking with me!

Below you can view a calendar of my availability, connect with me on Skype with my personal link, and see what other clients are experiencing. 

Connect with Peter on Skype


You will receive an email from me with an intake form to fill out (if that feels useful for you, its not necessary) as well as a link to my personal Skype profile where video sessions will be held.

You will receive an email from me ( shortly after your purchase to confirm & schedule our session.

Please check the calendar below for my availability and book your first session.

With clients, my primary focus is in addressing the connection between the mind-body first.

We'll work towards regulating the nervous system, releasing trauma, developing balance and well-being, and promoting a holistic harmony in your moment to moment experience.

From there we can dive into the Awakening path and take it as far as you want to go.

What I Can Help You With

Fears / Stress

Relieving Chronic Illness / Pain

Childhood Trauma

Dissolving Resistance to Healing

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Regulating Nervous System

Living an Authentic Life

Aligning with Your Purpose

What Are Clients Experiencing?


Marie Grace, USA

"Today after our 3rd session I'm not sweating, I don't feel the nerves in my chest and heart in rhythm... I have been carrying these symptoms for 10 years after mastectomy and losing my mom at 20 to metastasis and breast cancer, and the sadness we worked on... This is amazing. Thank you Peter."
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