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Regulate Your Nervous System LIVE WEBINAR

The Path to Healing:
Regulate Your Nervous System
and Befriend Your Body

People who have experienced trauma are often cut off from their bodies. In this webinar, you will learn how to create safety in your life, reconnect with and befriend your body, and regulate your nervous system. You will develop greater resiliency, be more prepared to work through trauma symptoms should they ever come up again, and become even stronger than you were before any initial trauma occurred.

Unlock Practical Tools for Trauma Recovery and Achieve Greater Health and Resilience

In this 3-hour webinar, you will learn:

-The role of the brain and nervous system in health.


-How to identify if your nervous system is dysregulated.


-Practical and easy-to-implement tools to regulate your nervous system.


-The role of the subconscious mind and trauma in overall health.

-The Buddha's 2000-year-old teaching that leads to the cessation of suffering and the attainment of enlightenment.


-How events from your past may keep your nervous system stuck in a state of fight/flight or freeze and what to do about it.


-How to release stress so you can feel healthier and more energized.

What are People Experiencing?


Marie Grace, USA

 I was a train wreck when I started working with Peter. I was in survival mode, fight or flight all the time, and very hypervigilant. I have had years upon years of trauma and diagnosed with C-PTSD and generalized  anxiety disorder. Peter has a wide variety of techniques that he uses, and it's not a one size fits all. I scheduled 6 sessions, and each session, we went deep, and I held nothing back. I had over 50 years of unresolved trauma, and all that goes with it that needed unpacking. I have done several different programs and therapists and never really made any progress for years. Peter and I worked on the worst of the worst traumas... things I never thought I would or could get over, see differently, or heal from. When I was done with the 6 sessions, I knew I was done. Every difficult, hard to imagine trauma and abuse addressed, and that covered all the other things. It's like the umbrella we dealt with and everything underneath followed. I finished with Peter feeling lighter and happier. I have my voice, my confidence, my self-esteem, my life, and my future. I'm not hypervigilant anymore. I'm not having nightmares, I don't think about the past and ruminate. I'm no longer a victim or survivor. I'm me!

Now, I'm figuring out what that means and what my future holds. I'm excited about what is to come. It's all new and exciting and a fresh start at 60! If I can do it you can too! Thank you, Peter, for your beautiful heart, your gifts, coaching guidance, and love. I have a life and hope for an amazing future I never thought possible. Thank you

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What are People Experiencing?


Elizabeth, USA

I have been working with Pete for awhile now and just recently had another session with him. It was just as wonderful and awakening as my previous one. Because of working with Pete, I have come to realize, grow, and be aware of so many things on so many different levels that he specializes in when it comes to healing your nervous system. It is SO important to heal on being present with yourself, the world around you, appreciate the endless beauty that life provides, and ultimately to find your alignment. I absolutely COULDN'T do what I've done so far without Pete's guidance, assurance, loving kindness and safe support as I navigate my own uncertainties. He has continued to give me the tools I need to keep going at my own pace and is always here for me when I have a question. I hope that anyone else reading this truly takes into consideration how important our nervous system health is on ALL levels to achieve an important part of healing in your life. It has to be understood. Pete is truly amazing to work with, and I can't stress it enough. I hope that others will chose him to be their mentor and guide through this stage of healing because you will begin to see the changes in yourself that you wish to see. THANK YOU Pete from the bottom of my heart for showing me that the most important person in our healing journey is OUR SELVES. ✨❤️

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