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About Peter

Before I ever thought of coaching, I trained with exceptionally experienced teachers, coaches, guides, and healers (from backgrounds such as Taoist & Peruvian shamanism to medical Qi-Gong and Tai Chi practitioners) not realizing I was building a solid foundation to help others. What matters most to me is integration of direct experience, bridging the highs of enlightened states of insight into every day awareness. My life over the past 9 years has been focused on building with and supporting those who are striving to help others and making the world more beautiful.


Today, I share my expertise in diet, lifestyle design, creative strategy, nervous system regulation, meditation, mindfulness, non-violent communication, and subconscious reprogramming under the umbrella of Awakening Coaching.

My life hasn't always been that way though...

Blue Tiles

My Story

I've overcome significant challenges in my own life, including being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder at a young age. This experience taught me the importance of living a holistic, healthy life and ignited my passion to help others heal from trauma and neurological or chronic issues.

I battled severe depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and other debilitating symptoms.

Conventional medicine offered me a lifetime of medication, but I refused to accept that as my only option. Determined to heal naturally, I delved into alternative approaches to health, exploring principles of eastern health practices and healing modalities, yoga, diet, herbalism, and supplementation.

Through self-stabilization and guidance from a functional medical doctor, my health began to transform. I embraced a supportive diet, engaged in detoxification practices such as water fasting, and immersed myself in holistic healing modalities, including Taoist shamanism and spiritual apprenticeships.

This 7 year long transformative journey cultivated groundedness, confidence, and a willingness to surrender to the unknown. It was then that I finally felt ready to embark on a solo adventure and left my home, friends, and family for 3 years immersing myself in nature, spirituality, and self-discovery. I travelled the US for months, spent time in national forests, and totally surrendered to whatever God's plan for me was. It was the most terrifying, beautiful, vulnerable, and powerful time of my life because it gave me the direct experience that I could trust the Creator of this Universe and that God would not only provide for me but guide me.

After a few years big movement and change I came to a new spiral in my life, my purpose in life wasn't exactly clear yet but things where starting to make more sense. I started to slow down and decided I was going to dive deeper into physical health. Continuing to explore detoxification led me to meeting my partner AKA Hippy-Britt and co-creating a business centered around helping people heal themselves. It's so wild because even before we started dating I felt that our relationship was deeply important to me.

I've reclaimed my health and life, and my cultivated my purpose to inspire hope, empower others, and guide people on their journey to reclaim their lives.

Join me as we unlock (y)our potential for healing, transformation, and a full, beautiful life. Together, we can overcome childhood trauma, neurological issues, chronic conditions, and come back to (y)our fully awakened being.

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