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I'm happy to announce the MindBody Balance Community, for self-healers who want to empower themselves with high-level educational courses and content in a self-led, collaborative, and supportive classroom environment! ​

The MindBody Balance Community is incredibly educational, full of resources, and helpful for anyone on their path of healing, especially if you want to learn more about diet, herbs, supporting the glands and organs, staying healthy, and having a supportive community. It's also a resource for those wanting to continue their knowledge base on maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle in between detoxification. Ask questions, share information and resources, and be part of an encouraging, health-driven community. I am very excited for a few reasons, the first being the simple fact that I am extremely limited by what I can share with my following on social media. 

Second, I'm looking forward to connecting with a community of like-minded self-healers who are focused on a balanced approach to health and making healthy decisions in their lives, educating those of you who want to continue learning how the body works, as well as holding space for people who truly need assistance on their detox journey back to homeostasis. 

Finally, I can share all the content I've produced over the years on Instagram, Facebook groups, and personal DM's in a course format for people who are serious about learning how the body works, regenerates, and the various approaches to allowing the healing process to unfold. The community or "collective" environment is so beneficial for this process because, a lot of the time, those who make the commitment to start healing are rarely supported, even in their own households! Friends, family, and social gatherings typically make things complicated, especially in the process of detoxification. So having a community of supportive peers really shifts the energy in a profoundly positive way. Sharing our stories, showing support, and being seen and heard really invites a harmonious vibration for everyone while we learn and grow together!


This includes access to weekly live video chats, educational classrooms and modules, Q&A, as well as raw and plant-based recipes, discounts on herbal tea, meditations, and access to all of Britt's past and future webinars! 

More Than Just Another Course: Join a Supportive Community!


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Ready to Transform Your Life?

Here's the step-by-step process of joining the community:


  1. Pick a subscription that works for you

  2. As soon as the transaction goes through, you will see a confirmation with a link to the community. Click on the link

  3. You will be redirected to the Skool platform and see our community. Click "Join Group" and you will be prompted to answer a couple questions.

  4. Shortly after you will be given access to your new community!  

Purchasing a yearly subscription gets you 25% off the full price! You save $141 

Join Community
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