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Ready to Transform Your Life?

A Healthy Integrated Life Starts Here

What would it be like to have all the guidance and support you ever needed on your healing journey?
What would it feel like to be truly fulfilled and have all your needs met?

Our program is designed to guide you through an individualized experience that will give you the tools you need to holistically transform your mental, emotional, and physical health. 

This program was designed with a sustainable, rational, and gentle approach in mind to suit each person based on their specific needs.

No matter what your starting point is, we will
take you to the next stage of your journey, giving you everything you need to reach your health goals, and sustain your progress long term.

Whether it's techniques for removing toxins from your body, extended herbal protocols, methods for regulating your nervous system, releasing emotional/mental blockages, or clearing out trauma, with us, you will receive what you've been needing for peace, happiness, and wellness.



"I'm going to start implementing your suggestions ASAP! I feel the back up in my lymph and all of my trouble spots you pointed out. I'm so beyond grateful for your reading and guidance! I now have more of a direction to go in. It's everything I intuitively felt but you confirmed it for me and I'm so grateful. I'm so excited.



Don't Settle For Less

You Can Have a Happy, Healthy Life Now

The MindBody Detox Program isn’t about changing you; it's about revealing the true you hidden beneath layers of unhealthy self images, subconscious programs, lymphatic congestion, toxin build up, and mental conditionings. Helping you reclaim who you are without chronic health issues. 

Embrace an internal PEACE of wellbeing.

💚In control of your life.
💚Alignment with your body and mind.

💚Connected to life and your heart.
💚Radiate the beauty you see in life and your self.
💚Value your insights.
💚Trust your inner guidance and intuition.
💚Cultivate your inner-gifts.

You will be given the tools, practices, and support to embody the healthiest, fullest, awakened version of your self.
You already are that, sometimes we just need help to reclaim who we are. 

Unapologetically, Wholly, Authentically.

Don't settle for less! 



have absolutely loved working with Britt the past few months. Every time we had our calls it felt like I was talking to a friend. Having the iridology reading was one of the best things I ever did...Having Britt create a step-by-step plan for me has been so welcomed.


 After 3 months of working with Britt my acne has completely gone and I am feeling so much more confident within myself.

I have learned so much since working with Britt, about my own body and about health in general...



If Britt's program had a star rating, l'd give it 10/5 stars! I still can't wrap my brain around the healing that took place. She took the time to get to know me and provided me with ALL the necessary tools to help me heal the needs specific to my body.


One major thing healed: yeast and bacterial infections. I've had yeast infections for as long as I can remember (monthly for the past ten years) and ever since working with Britt, they've disappeared with no sight of them reoccurring in the future. She's truly a Godsend.



So I began my journey with Britt and 9 months ago when I decided to get an Iridology reading. I was so blown away by how accurate and thorough the reading was. Britt was very involved with the entire detox process and was available everyday all day for questions which put my mind at ease.


I learned so much about myself and my body and this is a protocol that I will continue with even after the program ends. I highly recommend working with Britt!

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This Program Is For You, If You're...

✅Ready to embrace personalized approaches to health and move beyond 'one-size-fits-all' solutions.

✅Ready to heal from past trauma. 

✅Tired of trying every fad or diet. 

✅Ready to receive guidance in regulating and nurturing your nervous system for optimal well-being.

Sick of not getting the guidance to follow your own intuition about your health. 

Excited to discover the next steps of your journey.

✅Ready to break free from unsustainable healing patterns that haven't been effective and have left you feeling depleted.

✅Ready to navigate and overcome any feelings of being stuck or lost in your personal journey.

✅Ready to receive support in expressing your feelings, articulating your needs, and having them met by the supportive people around you.

✅Excited to enhance your ability to tune in to yourself with ease.


I specialize in physical body healing through a gentle, sustainable, and rational detoxification process. My expertise lies in accomplishing what some may think impossible. While many advocate extreme measures for healing, I firmly believe in a different approach. Healing should embrace simplicity and the inner conviction that you possess everything you need to heal in a manner that is nourishing, supportive, and uncomplicated.

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Peter (Spiritual Field Notes)

Pete’s expertise is in emotional/mental healing, clearing subconscious programs, regulating the nervous system, releasing emotional trauma, cultivating loving-kindness for self/others, learning how to communicate needs and feelings in a constructive way, & staying connected and present with life.

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Awaken Your Life’s True, Untapped, Fullest Potential 


This is our starting place. Becoming deeply aware of where you are now, how you got here, and your vision for where you want to go. Together we will gain clarity on where you're at, what is holding you back, and set you up with all of the tools you'll need to reach your desired state.

Each step of the way, we will be with you, helping you cultivate your vision and uncover who you truly are!


Each week you will be supported with the tools and essential practices you'll need to keep the momentum going. Breaking this process down into manageable steps help everything feel a lot more relaxed and comes with ease. 

You'll receive the support to heal and the essential practices to keep up the momentum you’ve wanted for so long. When you do, creating the life of your dreams won’t feel hard or impossible. It will feel easy because you’ve fully integrated  your self.

So instead of feeling stuck or blocked in the pursuit of your goals…


You consistently reach new plateaus of happiness, wellness, and fulfillment.


Creating long lasting change can seem difficult but when we're taking one step at a time, giving ourselves grace and time to transition into our vision of what it looks like and feels like to be healthy, we can savor all of the little details along the way.

The creation process is a powerful part of integrating how you want to show up for yourself, your family, your life. So instead of living out old imprinted patterns and beliefs…


…You cultivate the life you want!


Holding the vision of who you truly are under everything that is not you is one thing, but living in that vision everyday, as a prayer or a meditation, showing up for yourself consistently, is another state entirely.

In our 90 days together, we will be consistently reinforcing what it looks and feels like to be YOU, encouraging you to maintain this transformation by confronting limiting programming, releasing blocks, and allowing things that held you back, to fade away with peace; gaining the crucial skills to reinvent yourself and your life.

You’ll have practices, tools, methods, and protocols for transformation, so instead of short-term inspiration that fades as old habits creep in…


You set the stage for lasting change and immeasurable growth.

Everyone is unique and in a different process of their own cycle, because of the nature of this, we meet each person where they're at in their process. So although there is a structure to the program, its likely that this process wont unfold in any specific order, but in smaller micro-cycles and larger macro-cycles of unfoldment. 

More Than Just Another Program: Join a Supportive Community!

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2 (Before and After) Iridology Virtual Sessions With Britt

- $400 Value


6 Bi-weekly Check-Ins, One-Hour Sessions With Britt

- $600 Value


6 Bi-weekly, 2 Hour Awakening Sessions With Pete

- $1440 Value


Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

- $1200 Value


Q&A Text Support From Both Coaches

- $1200 Value


Weekly Pdfs for the Basics of Detox Companion Course

- $600 Value

6 Bi-weekly Diet and Herbal Protocols Based on Indications From Your Iridology Reading

- $600 Value

1 Month Elimination-Pathway Herbal Protocol


1 Month Parasite/Microorganism Cleanse Herbal Protocol


1 Month Deep Lymphatic System Herbal Cleanse Protocol

Total Value - $6,040

Actual Price for the Experience - $4,500

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