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My motive is to inspire people to live their own lives, to think for themselves, to find what’s alive inside of them, and to pursue it. To connect with each other on a heart centered, emotional, spiritual level, and encourage a holistic, healthy lifestyle design. To explore the world and bring all the insight I can find from different cultures, teachings, and bring unity to the many aspects of truth that fill the world.

I'm interested in the individuals' soul. When you work with me, we will be diving into your head, your heart, and your lifestyle. My aim is to bring us all closer together through the power of vulnerability while expressing our lives as a living prayer. If you are ready and willing to open up and share your vision with the world, let's talk!

We are all student's of Life and acknowledging the fact that we’re all human, we're always learning, growing, and evolving as long as we are still alive! I am here to share my experience, interests, inspirations, and values, with the hope that it will help you reading this. I want to give people hope, and inspire others to believe in themselves and move towards what inspires them.


Pieces of the Puzzle

aspects of a healthy lifestyle


minimum one hour daily exercise as yoga, tai chi, qi gong, walking, swimming, sports, physical chores, gardening, etc; aerobic activity can help stagnant or overweight individuals.


a relaxed focusing of the mind, which is quite unifying and decidedly spirit-strengthening. a strong, bright spirit leads the healing process against disease. practices that calm the mind

and nurture the spirit. relaxed and mindful processes that promote self reflection i.e. structured practices like meditation, contemplation, prayer, or others.


holistic practitioners have always seen marked improvements when individuals make appropriate dietary changes. what is needed now is a clearer picture of what we need to overcome personal imbalances for maximizing vitality in each individual.

drugs, toxic heavy metals, viruses, harmful bacteria, and fungal infections wreak havoc on metabolic systems until removed. the good news is there are remedies for each of these toxic build ups sometimes with just the right nutrition.

purification is not solely a physical or emotional matter; it entails purification of the mind, which ultimately includes inner development, attention, and wisdom.


many people are highly deficient in minerals as a result of our food production and processing methods. as such, these deficiencies can lead to degenerative diseases. we can change that through getting the right nutrition and healing ourselves.



“The best way to get what you want

in life is to help others get what they want."

— Zig Zigler

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