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a guide for (y)our journey
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Awakening (Y)our Natural State

I am here to assist people in living a present life, dissolving all resistance into love, healing mentally|emotionally, and nurturing what is alive within them. My aim is to foster a heart-centered, emotional, and spiritual connection with the world and to promote a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

I love exploring the world and bringing all the insight I can find from different cultures, teachings, and bringing unity to the many aspects of truth that fill the world.

I'm interested in awakening, which is a state of expanded awareness, liberation from suffering, and a direct experience of the interconnectedness of all things. It is often characterized by a transcendence of egoic identification and a recognition of the underlying unity or oneness of existence.

Healing and releasing trauma are vital aspects of the journey towards awakening. Often described as "the dark night of the soul," this transformative process can be daunting as it ventures into unexplored realms within ourselves. While recognizing the importance of trauma healing, it is equally crucial to embrace a non-dualistic perspective. By embracing the transformative power of awakening, we can avoid being trapped in a perpetual cycle of healing and instead open ourselves to profound insights and liberation that these practices offer.

Because I understand the importance of both healing trauma and non-dual awakening, when we work together we will be diving into and emptying (y)our head, (y)our heart, and (y)our lifestyle in an effort to release all resistance to either healing or living your purpose driven life. I aim to bring us all closer together through the power of empathy and loving-kindness, while expressing our lives as a living prayer or meditation until there is no "meditator" or "doer" left but the pure state of being that simply is.

I believe in the process of continuously learning, growing, and evolving as long as we are alive. I am here to share my experience, interests, inspirations, and values, with the hope that we can build together, empower each-other, and  help others on their path.


I am dedicated to instilling hope in people, empowering them with the belief that change is always possible, no matter the circumstances they find themselves in. My purpose is to inspire others to awaken their own self-belief and inner strength, guiding them towards the courage needed to pursue their deepest inspirations. Together, we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth, unlocking the boundless potential that lies within each of us.

Pieces of the Puzzle

lifestyle design

aspects of a holistic lifestyle


minimum one hour daily exercise as yoga, tai chi, qi gong, walking, swimming, sports, physical chores, gardening, etc; aerobic activity can help stagnant or overweight individuals.


holistic practitioners have always seen marked improvements when individuals make appropriate dietary changes. what is needed now is a clearer picture of what we need to overcome personal imbalances for maximizing vitality in each individual.

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drugs, toxic heavy metals, viruses, harmful bacteria, and fungal infections wreak havoc on metabolic systems until removed. the good news is there are remedies for each of these toxic build ups sometimes with just the right nutrition.


a relaxed focusing of the mind, which is quite unifying and decidedly spirit-strengthening. a strong, bright spirit leads the healing process against disease. practices that calm the mind

and nurture the spirit. relaxed and mindful processes that promote self reflection i.e. structured practices like meditation, contemplation, prayer, or others.

purification is not solely a physical or emotional matter; it entails purification of the mind, which ultimately includes inner development, attention, and wisdom.


many people are highly deficient in minerals as a result of our food production and processing methods. as such, these deficiencies can lead to degenerative diseases. we can change that through getting the right nutrition and healing ourselves.


Mindfulness means to remember to observe how mind’s attention moves from one thing to another.

— Buddha



What are Clients Experiencing?


Elizabeth, USA

Coral Flowers
"I went into working with Pete feeling very scared, vulnerable and not sure what to expect. I was afraid of being judged or ridiculed for my own feelings, thoughts, emotions, and personal traumas. My experience working with him after only two hours was VERY eye opening, relaxing and so helpful on many levels of my trauma. I highly recommend him and his services for anyone who feels emotion trauma, or just feeling lost in your own mind and wanting guidance on a better mindset, journey to optimal health and more. Thank you so so much Pete 😁😁"

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