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 Alignment-based Yoga 

Together we will focus on the alignment of the muscular, skeletal & organ systems of the body in relation to each season. Doing so in remembrance of the temporal nature of the body and honoring it as a vessel for spirit to emerge. Often, when we align our physical structure; the mind, heart, and self will naturally follow suit.

I frequently encourage the use of props, precise alignment instruction, and extended timings to develop awareness in the body, uncover stagnant/dormant energy and utilize the breath as a tool to both stay present with sensation & to reawaken each cell so we may live with as much peace and vibrance in the body as possible.

“The essence of yoga lies in your feeling for the Divine. The deeper the feeling, the more you are brought to a state of Oneness with the Beloved, who gradually manifests in your heart as the sole Doer of all your activities. Then, you will realize why you have come into the world with this human body.”

- Baba Lokenath Brahmachari 1730 - 1890 


Jillayne Hunter

I never thought I would teach yoga. Despite two decades of consistent practice, multiple teacher trainings, and having the extreme privilege of studying with the brilliant Bekir Algan, Ph.D, I resisted the very thought of it. Growing up in Austin, TX everyone was a yoga teacher. “The world doesn’t need any more yoga teachers!”, I convinced myself. In addition, being under the tutelage of Bekir was more than enough for me and I was not able to comprehend how I could ever live up to the depth of his knowledge. In the fall of 2017, Bekir passed away unexpectedly. It was a strange and unforeseen transference that occurred because shortly after his passing I felt ready and even compelled to begin teaching. The study, teachings, and practice of yoga are life or even lifetimes long and I have come to accept I am in it for the long haul. Most people I encounter approach yoga from solely the physical/asana angle and although I feel yogasana is especially important right now due to the state of the general public’s physical health; I encourage myself, peers, and students to remember before yoga was a physical practice, it was a way of life. ‘Yoga’ = to bind, attach, to yolk… the body, mind, and spirit; to unify the Self. I now have a better understanding of why my path led me to teaching yoga. I believe the more connected we are to our bodies / ourselves, the more available we are to open up to life and be of service to our particular gifts. Yoga focuses on the health of the entire being and what is more valuable than our health? Presently, my primary teachers are Jerry Balderas and Ramanand Patel.


I truly look forward to practicing together! 




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